Five Entertainment Ideas for any Event

Five Entertainment Ideas for any Event

When you are planning an event it is a good idea to consider the theme and purpose of your occasion to come up with entertainment ideas that will work well for your guests. Here are a few ideas you can use that will work in most situations:

  1. Bands: Bands are an obvious choice however some thought should go into the type of band you hire. If you have a theme for the event it is best to go with a band that fits in with that theme. If it is a retro event you can hire a cover band to play songs from the era you are featuring. If you are doing a theme that is cultural, hire a band that reflects that culture; be it Celtic, Mariachi Bands or a Caribbean Soca band. You can also include dancers to start the night off that are aptly matched with the style of music. If there is to be dancing do consider if people will be able to dance to the music style you choose.


  1. Comedy: If the occasion warrants it consider hiring a comedian who can bring a lighter note to the event. If it is a corporate event have them do a show about your industry, poke fun at department heads or bring attention to not so brilliant decisions that might have been made. Making light of senior management is always a good way to reach the team and let them see your managers know it is not all fun and games working for them.


  1. Casino: Have a casino night. These work well for charity events as all of the money won or lost can go to the charity in question. People love gambling for fun and if it is not a charity event consider having a night with fake chips and maybe prizes people can turn their chips in for when they leave. It will be fun for people to see what they have won and in general will be fun just playing the various games at the betting tables, roulette and even some one armed bandits.


  1. Light Show: It is amazing what people can do with technology and lights these days. You can hire a company to set up a light show to music that can be projected in a number of ways both indoors or out. It is a fantastic way to end an evening or even to start the night off on the right foot.


  1. Rides: For an outdoor event consider having a mini theme park complete with a few rides and a midway with games. This can be a fun evening for everyone and you can make it more sophisticated with a big band playing and getting creative with a bar that serves adult beverage snow cones and ices. You can even throw in some annoying clowns or men on stilts to make it more entertaining.

These are just five ways you can bring some interesting entertainment to your next event. As you can see there are plenty of ways to have fun and make your event a great success.


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