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3 Essential Party Hire Items For An Authentic Rockabilly Wedding Reception

Rockabilly is a popular counterculture within Australia. The styles of the 1950s are apparent in the fashion, hair styles, music and even cars that modern day Rockabillies love to embrace in their everyday life. If you're a full-time or part time Rockabilly, or even if you just love the iconic look of the culture, then you may be planning a Rockabilly theme for your upcoming wedding.

Along with the beautiful 50s style wedding dress, the gloriously coiffed beehive hairdo, and the shiny vintage car, you'll need some great accessories to set the mood at your reception. Here are three items that you can hire to make your wedding a truly rocking occasion.

1. A jukebox

Wedding receptions are all about celebrating and almost always entail music and dancing after the formalities have concluded. At a Rockabilly wedding, the music and dancing will no doubt be an even more important element than a regular, traditional wedding reception.

Instead of the typical DJ, cover band or iTunes playlist, why not hire an authentic 50s jukebox? Jukeboxes can be loaded up with a large selection of songs from the era that will be sure to get your guests twisting and hopping on the dance floor. They also look amazing and will help to capture the vibe of a rocking 50s wedding.

2. A pinball machine

No corner store or fish and chip shop in the 50s was without the ubiquitous pinball machine in the corner. You can add to the authentic feel of your Rockabilly wedding reception by hiring an old-fashioned model to keep your guests entertained.

Some companies offer genuine 50s pinball machines that have been restored to their original glory. There are also many replicas available that look and operate in the same way as the older versions. You can even hire pinball machines that have a love or wedding theme incorporated into the graphics.

3. A milkshake bar

Nothing quite encapsulates the 50s vibe like an old-fashioned milkshake served in a metal milkshake cup. You can set up your own milkshake bar so your guests can mix their own using a traditional milkshake maker. If you prefer your milkshakes with a little punch, then add some delicious liqueurs that your guests can use to create milkshake style cocktails.

These three items are all readily available from most party hire companies. They'll make wonderful and authentic additions to your Rockabilly wedding reception and help to create an occasion that is great fun and highly memorable.